Select A Package Below:

  • College Counseling

  • $0/mo
    • Start preparing for College
    • ELIMINATE procrastination
    • CREATE scholarship opportunities
    • Create personalize Keys to Success Road Map

  • College Application Workshop

  • $0/mo
    • Get to work with Scholarship Guru
    • Selection Committee Experience
    • Competitive Ideas for your College Applications

  • Successful College Workshop

  • $0/mo
    • Develop Study Skills
    • How to avoid being placed on academic probation
    • How to Budget your Time and Money

  • Educational Motivational Speaker

  • $0/mo
    • Inspire your students to improve their work ethic.
    • Provide your students with tips and tools needed to attend college
    • Learn the importance of not making excuses for yourself

  • Personal Development

  • $0/mo
    • Help your staff manage their time effectively and set goals
    • Improve student and teacher relationships on campus
    • Show counselors how to increase the amount scholarship funding awarded for their students

  • 4.0 GPA Consulting

  • $0/mo
    • Personal Advisor
    • Find a solution for your problem
    • Assist with creating new opportunities for your students

  • GPA College Counseling
    • We recommend that students start preparing for college as early as the 6th 4.0 GPA understands that education is not a “one size fits all” endeavor – as a result, we tailor our services to suit the needs of each individual student. Already, we have helped a number of students get accepted to some of the top universities in the country and win scholarships, as well.
    • We implore you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and allow your student to maximize their potential with 4.0 GPA. Students their 4.0 GPA action plan graduate from college with four years.
      • We ELIMINATE procrastination by planning strategically
      • We CREATE scholarship opportunities
      • We SUBMIT all college applications ahead of the “early action/early decision”
      • We OFFER tips for maintaining the highest possible GPA
  • Services included
    • Essay Development
    • Essay Editing
    • College Applications
    • College Selection
    • Financial Aid/Scholarship Plan
    • Choosing Majors and Careers
    • Coursework Planning & Strategy
    • Extracurricular/Volunteer Hours
    • Summer Planning
    • Interview Prep/Creating LinkedIn Account
    • Obtaining NCAA Eligibility

College Application Workshop

GPA’s “scholarship guru” – a recipient of several scholarships – will assist students in completing and creating a competitive college admissions application in one day. It also parents a golden opportunity for students to work with someone who has served on a selection committee that awarded scholarships to student.

How to be Successful in College Workshop

This 4.0 GPA workshop teaches students how to develop proper study skills, evaluate a syllabus, take advantage of available campus resources, and earn the highest possible grade in any course. Students will also be given strategies on how to build relationships with their professors, acquire the perfect recommendation letter, and how budget their time and money wisely.

Educational Motivational Speaker

GPA’s Educational Motivational Speaker promises to engage and energize any student audience. His amazing story – how he went from a homeless high-high student with less than exceptional grades, to a university graduate with high marks who started his own business – will inspire anyone and demonstrate that excellence doesn’t exist on excuses.

Personal Development

4.0 GPA counselors offer motivational strategies to help students write both their college and scholarship applications.

Problem Solving Major Issues On Your Campus

4.0 GPA staff has several years of experience working with Adequate Yearly Progress data. Allow us to help you improve your AYP performance and implement the ESSA Act on your campus.

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All participants will be provided with a Keys to Success Map.